Clean Streams™ Ozone Systems for Cooling Towers provide a stand-alone, continuous and automated water treatment system for evaporative cooling water systems. We specialize in the design, build and operation of environmentally responsible water treatment systems.


What is Ozone?

"...only Ozone has filled the bill of essentially chemical free treatment that also conserves water. Ozone has been is use for over 100 years for disinfecting water. There is not a biocide in existence that is as effective as Ozone. As an oxidizer, it has been found to be more than five times more effective than chlorine without the hazardous by-products."

Superior Technology

Our systems are designed for cooling towers and provide stand-alone, continuous, and automated water treatment for evaporative cooling water systems. 

Our Services


We can analyze your water systems and advise you on a course of action that will improve conditions and provide stability and strength for the long-term health of your equipment.